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Pokkle and Pipiro are 2 step-siblings living by themselves within thetedious village of Puck on the time-forgotten floating continent of Arges. Pokkle loves creating terrible puns and wears a tail for funsies, and Pipiro loves shopping fortrendygarments and has no filter any. Together, they meander through what looks to be a peaceful, monotonous existence in their asleepvery littletownwherever nothing fascinating ever happens.

Until one thingwill, anyway! A mysterious cloaked figure shows up one night and steals six holy idols from the native shrine. The self-proclaimed “Archduke of Arges” tenders a hefty reward for his or hercome back, and our “brave” pair jumps at the prospectto travelrealize them – Pokkle for the glory, and Pipiro strictly for the moneymoneys.

Their journey can take them to each last nook and cranny across the land and result in confrontations with a goodsort of friends and foes, everyadditional ludicrous than the last, as a sinister plot to revive Associate in Nursing ancient “Demon Lord” unfolds and five hundred years’ value of history comes into focus. will2 14-year-olds with restrictedskills and nearly no social skills really save the day? Or is Arges simplyjust about screwed?

Released in Japan merely as Zwei!!, Zwei: The Arges journeyis that the direct precursor to the antecedentlydischargedNihon Falcom action RPG Zwei: The Ilvard rising, from the creators of the popular Ys and also the Legend of Heroes franchises.

Boasting a very standalone story assail a mysterious “low fantasy” island floating amongst the clouds, Zwei: The Arges journey plays out as a classically titled action-oriented 2nd dungeon crawler with stacks of optional content and unlockables, player-defined challenge through a novel food-based expertise system, and a generaltongue-in-cheek humor vogue that helps set it except foralternative entries within the genre. thoughdischarged on manytotally different platforms in Japan over the years, this is oftenthe primary time it’s ever been formallydischarged in English, and is that the most feature-complete version of the sportup to now.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no have toraise Zwei; you Arges gonna have to play this game right now!



System Requirements

OS: Windows XP+

Processor: 2GHz Single core CPU

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Graphics: 128 MB VRAM

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Storage: 3 GB available space

Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c


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