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Himawari – The Sunflower Download Free

Himawari – The Sunflower Free Download for PC – In the year 2048, a high-altitude aeroplaneengineeredto hold man’s dreams crashed, resulting in the loss of incalculablelives. At the identical time, following the unforeseen death of Amamiya Daigo — the traveler once lauded as a hero — the sector of area development entered a amount of stagnation.

Two years later, in 2050, Hinata Youichi attends highschoolbecause the sole survivor of the crash, his recollections lost from the shock caused by the accident. onceconjointlyinstauration the allegedarea Club, Youichi and his friend Amamiya Ginga, the son of Amamiya Daigo, spent their faculty days building a rocket — till one fateful night, a mysterious lassiereferred to as Aries crash-lands close to them, her recollectionsadditionally lost from the shock of the landing.

Youichi, unable to depart Aries to reason herself, decides to require the woman in, and thenthe 2 begin their new lives underneaththe identical roof …



System Requirements

OS: Vista

Processor: 1Ghz

Memory: 1 GB RAM

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Storage: 3 GB available space

OS: Windows 7/8

Processor: 1Ghz+

Memory: 2 GB RAM

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Storage: 3 GB available space


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