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Heathen Engineering’s Terran Download Free

Free Download for PC Heathen Engineering’s Terran Galactic Strategy | ways | Action
Found a Terran government, corporation or fleet and vie for influence and management over the galaxy’s resources in Heathen Engineering’s Terran.

Grand strategy meets period of timeplan of action battles meets third person area shooter action. 

Manage your empire across thousands of stars developing systems, stations and fleets to unfold your influence across the galaxy.

Take command of battles supply orders and assignment targets to orchestrate the downfall of your competition.

Lead your battle teams from the front as you’re taking the helm of powerful warships and switch the tide against not possible odds.
Strategy + plan of action + Action: 
4X meets RTS meets third person huge ship area combat; manage resources Associate in Nursingd build an empire on the strategy map to fuel your growth, issue orders to your battlegroups in combat to regulate the flow of battle and take direct control of powerful warships to show the tide in your favour.
Fleet Combat: 
In combat you’re taking the role of battle commander and military vehicle pilot. Issue orders to your battlegroups in ‘Command mode’, Associate in Nursing RTS voguereador switch to third person view to require direct management of any military vehicle in your fleet. 
Organization Types: 
Choose from one amongst3 organization categoriesto start out your empire, every with its own distinctive perks and unique origin on the progression grid.
Gar Capital Ships:
Choose a robust Gar war vessel to function the seat of power in your organization and an emblem of your empire. every Gar features a set of fivedistinctiveskills and connectedanalysischoicesout thereat the startthree Gar are out thereto decide on from with a lot ofto come back.
Research Technologies: 
As your empire grows you’ll unlock new schoolnologies and enhance your potency and capability by researching new tech for planet enhancements, ship style and Gar skills
Gain influence by developing your Science, Economy, trade and Military power. Watch near systems represent your management as your influence spreads across the galaxy. 
Citadels and Stations:
Build powerful citadels and area stations to carry back the rising influence of your competition and supply defence from invasion.
Massive Galaxy:
Expand your empire across a large procedural galaxy containing thousands of star systems and tens of thousands of worlds.



System Requirements

OS: Windows 7+

Processor: Core 2 Duo Processor or Equivalent

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: Shader Model 4 capabilities

DirectX: Version 10

Storage: 6 GB available space


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