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Astrologaster Free Download For PC. London, 1592. an excellent plague sweeps through the capital. once doctors hightail ittown in worry, a hero rises. His name is Simon Forman, “Doctor” of star divinationphysical science and Physick. Not solelywill he have the facility to cure the sick, he willnotice their lost pets and predict their futures! All by reading the movements of the celebrities.
But once the plague ends, Forman’s issues begin. the $64000 doctors come to London and that theycan stop at nothing to bring him down…
Astrologaster could be a story-driven pseudoscience comedy game set in Shakespeare’s London. supporteda real – and actually ridiculous – story.
Solve screaming Problems: Consult on issuesstarting from Elizabethan terror plots and foul diseases, to romantic entanglements and purloined pies!
Change Lives: Win your patients’ favour or ruin their lives. Advise fourteen characters UN agencycome 5-7 times. Patients have their own current stories which frequently overlap with one another.
Win A Medical Licence: win over patients to put in writing letters of recommendations. Collect enough letters to exchange them for a medical licence.
Fully Voiced Character Dialogue: Sitcom-style comedy dropped at life by a solid of over a dozen actors.
Sing Along: fancy Renaissance-era music and singto every character’s theme song.
Casebooks return Alive: Simon Forman’s cases are given as a good looking pop-up book. flip pages to take away deeper into your patients’ stories.
Simon Forman was thought-about a sage by some and a slicker by others. what’s going to your gift be? canyou placeyour religionwithin the stars?



System Requirements

OS: Windows 8
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Storage: 2 GB available space


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