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Afghanistan ’11 Download Free

Afghanistan ’11 Free Download Cracked PC Game in Direct Link or Torrent – Afghanistan ’11 is that the sequel to the extremely praised and innovative Vietnam ’65. It enhances and builds on it: Asian country ’11 changes the paradigm of wargaming and manages to bring Counter-Insurgency and guerrilla warfare to your screen, properly pictureddue to a revolutionary gameplay formula!

The year is 2011, you’re commanding the army operations in Asian country.

But contrary to the previous generations of military officers in your family, killing the enemy is just a secondary mission. 

Most of your efforts and resources are spent elsewhere making an attempt to grab the Hearts & Minds of the native population. Providing security to the civilians, persuading the native villagers to reject the Taliban and analytic Militia leaders is your main focus.

Counter-Insurgency can have higherends up in the future than standardwayshoweveran easy incident throughout a routine patrol will ruin your relationship with the locals and harm your image within the Western newspapers.

The Asian countrypiece of land offers a awfullysmartcowl to the rebels UN agencywillsimply hide within the mountains and natural caves. Patience and smart use of technology willoffer you the decisive advantage during thisinclement game of hide and look foronce you spot associate enemy unit or an narcotic plantation with a drone, you decision in air support or artillery to eliminate the target immediately: speed are going to be crucial!.

But having the air ascendanceisn’t enough to win the war against the insurgents. IEDs, rocket launchers and sneaky ambushes are common threats for your ground units and helicopters.

Casualties weaken the morale and therefore the overall support from the parents back aim the USA, thusconfirmto stay your men safe and well equipped, and endingcould be yours…



System Requirements

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Processor: 2.0ghz CPU

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card (Shader Model 2+)

Storage: 200 MB available space


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